Hair Restoration & Hair Transplants Use Rise To New High
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Eye-opening records of hair restoration such as hair transplants and nonsurgical hair replacement hairpieces or wigs use is rising, Dallas TX report.

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USA Hair Restoration Use

2021 Statistics of Hair Transplants Surgeries & Nonsurgical Hair Replacement is Rising – Dallas, Texas Report. Hair restoration services in 2026 will rise to a staggering 4.5 percent. The USA hair transplant surgeries are expected to grow to 231,720 by 2027. 

In 2006, the baby boomers started to turn 60. Reports say that 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from alopecia. They are determined to stay young, beautiful, and live forever using cosmetic products. They use wigs and hairpieces, plastic surgeries such as hair transplants, or Botox without hesitation and in large quantities. 

One primary concern for this aging population is hair loss. Hair loss affects 80 million American men and women. In 2030, according to the Census Bureau’s projections, 54.9 percent would be female. That year, boomers would be between ages 66 and 84.

Hair loss products are becoming more prevalent in daily use. The Society for Hair Restoration Surgery published statistics that show an increasing trend in people’s interest in hair loss and treatments.

According to the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office, the baby boomer generation was born between 1946 and 1964 and is now turning 60. To these baby boomers, life still holds the promise of “forever young.”

An estimated 78.2 million are baby boomers in the USA, including presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

It is a significant percentage of the total U.S. population of 298 million. According to government census office projections, the number of people turning 60 each day in 2006 was 7,918.

Female Hair Restoration in Dallas DFW TX

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Statistics of Hair Restoration

  1. The 2014 research shows that more people have chosen nonsurgical hair restoration procedures worldwide. 251,208 were surgical patients and 672,391 non-surgical.
  2. The number of surgical hair restoration procedures in the U.S. in 2014 was 397,048. The statistics show that hair transplants in 2014 were up 28% from 2012.
  3. Half of the men and women treated were younger than 50.
  4. 84.7% of hair transplant surgical patients were men, and the rest (15.3%) were women.
  5. The proportion of nonsurgical patients was male, making up 65.2% of the total, while females were 34.8%.
  6. The percentage of women with noticeable hair loss by age 60 is 80 %, and men are 65 %.
  7. Percent of hair loss sufferers who said they would rather have more hair than money or friends is 60 %
Dallas Nonsurgical Hair Replacement for Men Replaces Hair Transplants

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration Wigs and Hairpieces Use Is The Norm. People 60 years old today have an actual life expectancy of 82.3. This baby boomer generation expects scientific advancements and genetic research to enable life past 100. This age has increased exposure to T.V. and celebrities and is looking for a pill cure to solve any health and fitness issues, including hair loss. 

The cosmetic industry is exploding, providing new cosmetic products and treatments to look young and fit instantly, including hair transplantation or body sculpting.

Hair restoration product use is increasing as disposable income rises and the popularity of hair loss treatments rises. Old is a taboo for this baby boomer population. 

Hair Loss is Aging 

With many hair loss products available with ease, hair restoration can reverse a significant aging look. Cosmetic hair replacement surgical and nonsurgical hairpiece is very popular. Hairpieces and wigs have never looked more fabulous with a broad range of hair types, colors, and styles. 

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